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SNDT, JUHU, MUMBAI  | Institutional  Interiors  & Landscaping | Approximate Area : 5000sq.ft | Completed | 2020

Photos by Kunal Bhatia

SNDT Women’s University is one of the first Autonomous universities of Mumbai dedicated solely to women education. The Home Science building was designed and constructed by the legendary Architect Charles Correa in 1973. We had the fortune of working on the landscaping, façade and administrative block. The larger idea of the design for the exterior was to highlight the details of the existing building and add a sense of energy/ youth to the façade. Working within tight budgets, we created details from unassuming materials like local ceramic tiles. We detailed out the age old China mosaic used for waterproofing on terraces into a landscape of cascading mountains and an emerging sunrise that invites the free will birds as students to fly into a new day, a new tomorrow! For the interiors, we wanted to retain the character of the existing space. The original flooring was cast insitu beige terrazzo with green chips and green kotah. Since the space was large, it’s flooring became the largest canvas of inspiration. All other materials were then selected in conjecture to the flooring. The use of natural wood, Baroda green marble became the large material palette. The idea of green was extended into the styling elements of indoor plants and a large mural that represents the Bodhi tree, Teaching Tree.

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