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MAHALAKSHMI, MUMBAI  | Retail Interiors | Approximate Area : 1800sq.ft | Completed | 2022

Photos by Kuber Shah

Occupying 1,800sqft of space in Mumbai’s Shakti Mills compound is Kalakaari Haath’s recently launched flagship store, the interiors of which have been designed to afford customers an immersive experiential quality.

Sahiba Madan of Insitu and her team focused on attributing the interiors of their first brick-and-mortar store with a sense of simplicity, and elevated the subtle aesthetic manifold through their characteristic artistic elements, giving the bare space an endearing personal touch. “Kalakaari Haath has always resonated with the idea of integrating art into spaces without it overwhelming the entire design,” she says. “We believe that it cannot be confined to canvases and has the capability of seamlessly adorning all surfaces. We have used this philosophy to carefully curate each and every corner of our store space through the best combination of all our products.” The base palette is kept neutral, featuring a beige stucco finish for the walls and grey textured tiles for the flooring. The skirting is executed in natural teak veneer with antique brass finishing applied to the smaller elements across the space.

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