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VRINDAVAN, UTTAR PRADESH  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 3200sq.ft  | Completed | 2023

Photos by Suleiman Merchant

Nestled in the holy land of Radha Krishna, Vrindavan Home is a gift of love to a retired couple from their family. In this three bedroom apartment, spirituality and rituals took center stage. The approach involved bringing in a sensitive balance between aesthetic, functionality and tradition. 

The canvas is inspired by the landscape of these mythological tales, highlighting elements of nature reflecting in the colours, prints and elements. The heart of the house is the Mandir with an elaborate carved ceiling depicting a forest scene, where the lighting is imagined as a starry ceiling above a calm sanctum for prayer. The private are designed in variations of the neutral colour palette complemented with furniture in teak wood and brass detail. The flooring is designed in white marble and design inlays reminiscent of a traditional mandir. 

The home is designed to be a sanctuary for the retired couple and regales the idea of slow living.

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