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LOWER PAREL, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 1670sq.ft | Completed | 2022

Photos by Kuber Shah

Project 605 is the confluence of a fun and unique client brief with material and spatial exploration taking center stage. This city home for a young couple and their child revolves around creating unique spaces of utility catering to every personal need of the homeowner. The layout was carved to carve multipurpose spaces like a den connected with the master bedroom, dedicated play zones, toy and book shelving units and smartly detailed storage zones behind wallpapers and stucco finishes. The home is bordered by two large balconies that were designed as sculptural forms with multiple levels that form tables, seats, platforms and a large continuous planter bed. This form was built and made seamless by application of micro topping in a soft gray tone. The biggest canvas and the highlight of the home is the custom flooring design created using Bharat flooring terrazzo and room specific details in brass and marble inlay. The client's love for nature reflects in a delicate scattered leaf inlay in the floor that gently navigates through the space. The material palette combines the experimental nature of terrazzo with teak wood to tie all spaces in a singular narrative of warmth and homely comfort to build the perfect modern home

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