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GOREGAON, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 1400sq.ft | Completed | 2022

Photos by Kuber Shah

Project 3401 is an exercise in design retrofitting for a client and her collection of beautiful furniture - heirloom and collected, art, curios and upholstery painstaking preserved over a period of many years. Pieces of furniture passed down to the couple from their parents were chosen to anchor each room and are set against a neutral backdrop to really let them shine. The approach was to tie them into a consistent canvas that tells the same story without overshadowing the sentimental and aesthetic value of any piece. Newer functional requirements were fresh imaginations that add an element of playfulness to the spaces. A revolving bookshelf that reveals a wooden rafter-lined corridor that connects the living room to the three bedrooms. A coffee unit is seamlessly integrated within the scheme with a hanging shelving unit to beautifully incorporate a functional element. Insitu brought in their trademark love for a modern-Indian aesthetic to revitalize the functionality of each space and strategically placed existing and new pieces to create a cohesive language across the home. Tied together by a curation of art, sculptures and indoor plants, House No. 3401 is a collaboration between a client's vision and the architect’s aesthetic and technical ability to bring it to life.

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