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JUHU, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 2700sq.ft | Completed | 2021

Photos by Suleiman Merchant

Project 302 is built out of the love of material in its purest form, bringing in shades of beige marble, teak wood, brass and cane in strategic moves to create a home for a young family of four. Ample natural light floods the Living, Bedroom and Outdoor Areas and further elevates the beauty of the all-natural material palette. The large Living room and Master Bedroom are sectioned into zones by the careful arrangement of furniture to ensure no visual cutoffs, therefore preserving the expanse of the spaces. The Wood Flooring is used as a carpet to create highlights in the Botticino Marble bordered by Brass inlays. The Beige tone shifts in patterns, textures and materials across the house to create a sense of play within a homogenous visual language.

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