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KANDIVALI, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 1200sq.ft | Completed | 2022

Photos by Kunal Bhatia

This home for a young family of four was crafted with a traditional aesthetic reminiscent of the client’s ancestral home in Gujarat combined with the functionality of a Modern Home. This distinct character reflects in the overall design language of the house replete with an earthy kota stone flooring with custom inlay details, intricate brass highlights and beautiful carved furniture and accessories, much of which was heirloom furniture and restored for reuse. Interconnected in a rectangular plan, the old construction was replete with oddly placed columns and low beam heights. The concept of arches in multiple forms as a design solution was used to camouflage the erratic structure. The largely warm colour tones are contrasted with a distressed navy blue double door to the bedrooms that features as a standout element in this space.

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