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MALAD, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 1700sq.ft | Completed | 2023

Photos by Yadnesh Joshi

This residential project in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a curated symphony of earth tones, all coming together to form a warm, contemporary-Indian abode for a family of four. The entire house is set in warm earth tones combined with neutrals from floor to ceiling that sets the perfect stage to incorporate pops of colour in art, styling, soft-furnishings and curios. The living room flooring was finished in neutral marble with brass inlays, and the walls are finished in soft beige lime plaster. The built-in as well as the loose furniture is another addition to the warm-earth colour palette - in natural teakwood. Set on the 28th floor, the space was blessed with abundant natural light, which we tried to invite into the space as much as possible. The fabrics and select furniture from Kalakaari Haath add another layer of detail and art in the soft furnishings, with its botanical and floral prints in the same tonality.  Art has played a major role in unifying the entire space as well as providing endless possibilities for discovering details as one journeys through the house - from the custom made entrance screen with brass inlays to the bespoke wallpapers in the temple and the daughter's bedroom.

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