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JVPD, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 2000sq.ft | Completed | 2021

Photos by Aditya Warlikar

The design process from conception to execution focused on a two-pronged approach - maximizing functionality of the space and establishing a considered balance between the aesthetics befitting the nature of a nursery, all the while sitting seamlessly with the rest of the house. The layout of the space was evidently rectilinear concluding into a window wall on the farther end, ensuring a source of ample natural light that created the perfect setting for a new born’s abode. All functional aspects contributing to a comprehensive nursery were accommodated in the space including a crib, changing table, seating and sufficient storage for all that goes into raising a toddler. All the furniture was visualized and detailed out by our team down to the finest grooves. The most prominent visual palette of the space was ivory and natural wood, with playful peeks of colour introduced through upholstery, wallcoverings and wall decals. The floor was finished in warm wooden flooring that tied together the whole ivory and wood aesthetic. The duotone palette was offsetted by the softness brought to the space by the soft furnishings in complementing colours - a plush rug, fabric upholstered seating and ivory curtains. The room was enclosed delicately by a white panelled door with glass infills, so as to still maintain a sense of visual connectivity from the outside, as a subtle screen would.

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