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WADA, MAHARASHTRA  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 8000sq.ft + Landscape | Completed | 2023

Photos by Kuber Shah

Built as a second home close to the city, Wada House was envisioned to become a sanctuary for a couple and their young daughter, and to host their closest family and friends. The idea of simple living translates into the architectural and design language of the structure and is reflected in the material palette and structural planning. The interior spaces wrap around a central staircase core and the zoning is facilitated by a grid. 
The spaces are planned to retain the effervescence of the outdoors, as the interiors seamlessly transition from the formal living and entertaining zones to a more private dining room, bar, and reading nook. The central staircase is the spine of the home, and the beauty of this structural element is highlighted in a moss-green lime plaster finish and a playful wave of teak wood accents along the incline of the railing. The furniture is a combination of heirloom pieces reimagined for the space, custom design tables, consoles, and benches with individual presence but in dialogue with the space. Materials like brass and slate stone veneer bring a modern dichotomy to the otherwise traditional material palette. 
The bedrooms are clean and functional spaces - designed with poster beds for the ultimate laze-in. Framing views of the lawn and tree foliage, the neutral material palette is broken using soft printed fabric and wallpapers and design details. The common area for the bedrooms is envisaged as a space for relaxation and yoga. The double-height wall in brick cladding and teak wood rafters highlight the large pitched roof ceiling. The client’s collection of art adorns various walls including a large Shrinathji Pichwai at the entrance and rugs used as tapestries on the walls. 
Nature is a constant source of inspiration to our practice, and the Wada House strives to develop an effortless flow and sense of harmony with the outdoors, building a timeless home to be loved by generations to come. 

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