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SION, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 1700sq.ft | Completed | 2022

Photos by Kuber Shah

Project 1503 is inspired by the Japanese principles of Wabi Sabi rooted in the belief of accepting beauty through imperfect forms and textures. The visuals emerge from an ensemble of natural materials like teak wood and stone playing off the warmth of neutral color tones. This modern, minimalist approach and sculptural furniture forms are balanced by a functional approach to space planning, smart storage solutions and artwork in mixed media.
The living room explores organic shapes and forms in furniture, fixtures and accessories, all encapsulated by the clean rectilinear wooden framework. The lime plaster texture on the walls adds an additional layer of character to the space, all finished with wabi-sabi curios that reaffirms the design approach. One discovers gestures like an organic false ceiling in the passage carries the design language to the bedrooms that are individually detailed out with concepts tied around monochrome color schemes, foliage wallpapers, textured walls and furniture designed with stone and cane. Throughout the project, form exploration and geometry act as the building blocks for colors, materials and textures to build up on. The key was to find the perfect balance between organic and rectilinear forms adapted with usability as a key factor to bring together a space that looks cozy, comforting, and whispers ‘welcome home’.

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