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MALABAR HILL  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 2800sq.ft | Completed | 2023

Photos by Kuber Shah

Perched atop the old hills of Malabar, this apartment is a couple's warm abode filled with snug corners, assorted art, and a few surprises. Being a legacy home, the primary design brief was to maintain the age-old character and still create a contemporary space with a new approach tailored to their needs. The home opens up into an impactful foyer area, steadily revealing itself through multiple cozy seating nooks, inviting balconies filled with tropical plants, and a handful of refurbished, timeless furniture pieces. A subtle, earthy color palette is layered with gentle curves and paired with clean furniture forms and upholstery in soft neutrals or vibrant prints, to blend in or stand out in the space. The home owners added a unique sense of identity to the space with a diverse collection of art, curious and myriad plants, adding the perfect finishing touch to the home.

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