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LOKHANDWALA, MUMBAI  | Residential Interiors | Approximate Area : 5000sq.ft | Completed | 2021

Photos by Suleiman Merchant

A piece of Mangalore architecture has been given a new lease of life in Mumbai, thanks to Insitu Design Studio. The architecture firm, which led by Sahiba Madan renovated a two storey Mumbai bungalow with restored structural elements from a traditional Kerala home: heavy wooden ceilings, exquisitely carved columns and a magnificently ornate front door. A lot of the original structure of the bungalow had to be reworked to accommodate these elements, many of which were too heavy or too large for the space.

The main brief was to clean it up while maintaining the character of it, in a way that reconciled the aesthetic and the functionality of the space. For instance, the carved wooden ceiling has been recessed into the existing structure, so as to reduce the sense of weight and maximise the height of the space. Other elements were shifted outside the house, and the outdoor-facing wall was replaced with a glass façade so that they were still visually connected to the interior. The glass façade also brings in more natural light into the space, which ensures that the heaviness of the carved wood doesn’t darken the space.

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